Programme & Registration

Full fee: £25
Student/Concessionary fee: £15

The conference fee included lunch and refreshments across two days, and a wine reception on 29th May. We are happy to acknowledge the support of BAVS (British Association for Victorian Studies) in enabling us to offer a reduced conference fee.

Programme can be downloaded here.

Monday 28th May

10.30-11.15 Registration & Refreshments

11.15-11.30 Welcome (Great Hall)

11.30-1.00  Panel 1

1a. Naming and Placing Nineteenth-Century Technology (Boardroom 2)
Chair: Beatrice Turner (Newcastle)
David Wheeler (Armstrong Atlantic State)
‘Iron Bridge, Coalbrookdale, and Early Industrial Tourism’
Kate Katigbak (Durham)
‘Machine as Monster, Machine as God: Building the Character of Industry’
Courtney Salvey (Kent)
‘Meaning Machines: the Linguistic Transformation of Machines in Nineteenth-Century Britain’
Jack Rundell (York)
‘Roller Skating into Mass Culture’

1b. Tracing Narrative and Representation (Great Hall)
Chair: Sarah Gilligan (Hartlepool)
Alex Price (York)
      ‘‘This old lady’s ruffled bed’: Beds and Bedtime Behaviours in Little Red Riding Hood’      
Stephen Kenyon (Glyndwr)
‘What to do with a severed head? The quest for a voice within The Orpheus Project
Philip Holden (Singapore)
Portraits of the Artist: Maugham, Sexuality, Representation’

1c. Transforming Gaskell (Room 205)
Chair: Ashleigh Blackwood (Northumbria)
Alison Lundie (Roehampton)
A Woman’s Touch:  Domestic Arts of Clothing and Needlework Materialising Transformations in Identity’
Wassila Mouro (Tlemcen)
Intertextuality in Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell’
Tara Puri (Kent)
‘Unstable objects: reading shawls, tea and calico in North and South’

1.00-2.00 Lunch (204)

2.00-3.30 Panel 2

2a. Adapting Material Cultures, Making Memory (Room 205)
Chair: Danielle McDonnell (Northumbria)
Ashleigh Blackwood (Northumbria)
       A ‘Shandean Hypothesis’: Laurence Sterne and Transformations of Eighteenth-   
       Century Professional Practice and Paternity in Obstetric Medicine'
Sally Holloway (Royal Holloway)
Textile Transformations: Women’s Creation of Courtship and Birth Tokens, 1680-1850’
Sarah Gilligan (Hartlepool College)
‘‘You can be who you want to be, even if it is only for a day’:  Sherlock Holmes cosplay and gender performativity’

2b. Altering States in the Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century (Great Hall)
Chair: John Holmes (Reading)
Greg Lynall (Liverpool)
‘‘The Sun it self’s here in a piece of glasse’: the between-ness of the burning mirror’
James Mussell (Birmingham)
‘Chlorodyne: Telling Transformative Tales about a Drug Whose ‘Composition Cannot be Discovered’’
Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck)
‘Higher-dimensional thinking things: recreating Hinton’s cubes’

2c. Replacing Objects (Boardroom 2)
Chair: David Stewart (Northumbria)
Polly Atkin (Lancaster)
‘‘A scuttle for Dorothy Wordsworth’: re-writing the haunted object’
Jane Insley (Science Museum)
Discriminating Fossils - crystal models belonging to the Watt family, c 1800’
Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Liverpool John Moores)
‘Material Culture and Religion: Samuel and Henrietta Barnett’s attempts to recover the Spiritual Lives of the Londoner, 1883-1960’

3.30-4.00 Tea & Coffee (Great Hall)

4.00-5.15 Keynote Speaker (Great Hall)
John Holmes (Reading), ‘Transforming Art: The Pre-Raphaelites and Science’
Chair: Nicole Bush

5.30 onwards Conference dinner at The Living Room, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tuesday 29th May

9.30-11.00 Panel 3

3a.  Curating Memory and Identity through Objects (Room 205)
Chair: Naomi Carle (Durham)
Jessica Allsop (Exeter)
‘Issues of Inheritance: Curious Objects of the Country House Collection in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century Literature’
Graeme Pedlingham (Sussex)
‘Something was going from me - the capacity, as it were, to be myself’: Richard Marsh’s The Beetle and the ‘Transformational Object’’
Camilla Cassidy (Oxford)
‘Frozen, Lunar Landscapes’: Objects, Souvenirs, and Relics in George Eliot’s Romola (1862-3)’

3b. Opposing Visions in the Twentieth Century (Room 207)
Chair: Thom Addinall-Biddulph (Durham)
Martin Paul Eve (Sussex)
‘Thomas Pynchon, Materialism and Negative Dialectics’
Agata Wozniak (Durham)
The Politics of Misreading -- Re-vision as Misprision in the Work of Twentieth-Century Women Writers’
Jerome de Groot (Manchester)
‘‘You tell me at least you’ve been smoking your own cigarettes!’: smoking, pastness and memory in historical film and television’

3c. Travelling Objects and the Creation of Nation (Great Hall)
Chair: Charlotte Mathieson (Warwick)
Ruth Scobie (York)
‘‘[O]ver the whole featherd Race’: Patronage, the Pacific, and William Cowper’s ‘On Mrs Montagu's Feather Hangings’’
Maria Grazia Messore (Cassino)
‘Travel in Transformation: a New and Unusual Grand Tour in Daniel Defoe’s Literary Production’
Emalee Beddoes (Birmingham)
‘‘Pure, Strong and delicious’: Advertising and Tea as an Emblem of Britishness in the Late Nineteenth-Century’
Fariha Shaikh (Kings College London)
Spatial Transformation in Emigration Literature

11.00-11.30 Tea & Coffee (Great Hall)

11.30-1.00 Panel 4

4a. Transforming Texts (Room 207)
Chair: Sarah Lill (Northumbria)
Mildrid Bjerke (York)
‘Interested Disinterest: The Development of the Literature Study Guide’
Danielle McDonnell (Northumbria)
Law, Libel and The London Gazette: Literature’s Role in Law Enforcement, 1670-1690
Simon Cooper (Newcastle)
‘Erskine Caldwell’s fine art of standing still: The Bastard as art object bastardized’

4b. Paper in Process (Great Hall)
Chair: Kate Katigbak (Durham)
Claire Friend (Edinburgh)
‘Rag-Grubbers to Rich Men, Making Paper in Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh’
Eugenia Gonzalez (Ohio State)
‘The Work of Fairies: Deconstruction and Imagination in Victorian Narratives of Doll Production’
Katie McGettigan (Keele)
‘Transforming the Book: Material Metaphors and the Literary Marketplace in Moby-Dick’

4c. Influence, Objects, and the Significance of Choice (Room 205)
Chair: Helen Williams (Northumbria)
Jenny Doussan (Goldsmiths)
‘Intentionality and Objecthood: Agamben meets Brentano
Mark Nixon (Edinburgh)
‘Material and ideal adaptation, and the material culture of 19th-century reform politics’
Penny Grennan (Northumbria)
‘A Journey Around My Life. What is the Narrative of Origins?’

1.00-2.00 Lunch (204)

2.00-3.30 Roundtable (Great Hall)
Chair: Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Liverpool John Moores)
Single- and Multi-Author Blogging Models
Participants: Martin Paul Eve (Sussex), Kieran Fenby-Hulse (Bradford), Charlotte Mathieson (Warwick), and James Mussell (Birmingham).

3.30-4.00 Tea & Coffee (Great Hall)

4.00-5.15 Keynote (Great Hall)
Sarah Haggarty (Newcastle), 'Transforming Time: Cowper, Correspondence, and Chronometry'
Chair: Anna Hope

5.15 Thanks & Wine Reception